TopClass S 531 DT.

Amazing space.

TopClass S 531 DT combines elegance, safety, overall economy and connectivity on two levels. With its versatile concept, it is perfect for almost every travel concept - from luxurious discovery tours with discerning passengers to the modern long-distance line service.

Total length: 14.000 mm
Width: 2.550 mm
Total height: 4.000 mm
Turning circle : 23.140 mm
Inside standing height (above): 1.684 mm
Interior standing height: 1.837 mm
Interior standing height in low-floor area: 480 mm
High driver's position: 779 mm
All dimensions in millimetres.
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Special feature
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At a glance

Engine OM 471 Euro VI
Transmission Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 MPS (PowerShift), 8-gear
Seats 83


Total length [mm] 14.000
Width [mm] 2.550
Total height [mm] 4.000
Interior standing height [mm] 1.837
Inside standing height (above) [mm] 1.684
Interior standing height in low-floor area [mm] 480
Low-floor area [mm] 50
Wheelbase [mm] 6.700
Distance between rear axles [mm] 1.349
Turning circle [mm] 23.140
High driver's position [mm] 779


Engine OM 471 Euro VI
Nominal capacity [kW] 375
Max. torque [Nm] 2.500
at speed [1/min] 1.100
Displacement [l - Litre] 12,8
Type 6-cylinder in-line engine
EU emission standard VI
Injection Common-rail-technology with X-pulse pressure booster
Mercedes-Benz GO 250-8 MPS (PowerShift), 8-gear
Front axle: independent suspension, anti-roll bar
Drive axle: with anti-roll bar
Trailing axle: active steering, independent suspension
Raising/Lowering system
Engine/Drive/Brake management with retarder integration


Pneumatic disc brakes on all axles
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Significantly reduces the risk of skidding, by counteracting the vehicle’s swerving through targeted braking of individual wheels.
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Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Electronically controlled braking system (EBS)
Anti-blocking system (ABS)
Brake Assist (BAS)


Pendulum impact testing compliant with ECE-R29
Adaptive Cruise Control (ART)
The Adaptive Cruise Control feature (ART) relieves the driver by automatically maintaining a constant distance – defined by the driver – from the vehicle ahead, based on continuous measurements.
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Adaptive Cruise Control (ART)
Lane Assist (SPA)
The Lane Assist feature (SPA) is activated at speeds above 70 km/h, and continuously measures the lateral distance from the lane markings by means of a camera positioned behind the front windscreen.
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Lane Assist (SPA)
Attention Assist (AtAs)
The Attention Assist (ATAs) can detect the onset of driver fatigue and prompts the driver to take a break at the right time.
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Attention Assist (AtAs)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Correctly filled tires contribute to driving safety and have a longer service life. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) helps to detect reduced pressure on one or more tires during driving. This can prevent tire damage and therefore increase safety as well as cost-effectiveness.
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Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4)


Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC)
PPC is a GPS speed control feature, which also intervenes in the automatic transmission control. Because the system knows the topography ahead, it can proactively optimise switching times and cruise speed.
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Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC)
Eco Driver Feedback (EDF)

Seats/Luggage compartment

Number of seats
Standard seating 83
With 4* equipment 78
Storage volume
Luggage compartment volume [m³] 8,4
Additional storage volume [m³] 1,2
Seating versions
Variant 1
Variant 2

Fuel tanks

Diesel fuel tank volume [l - Litre] 480
AdBlue tank volume [l - Litre] 40


Number of doors 2
Door 1
Number of door panels 1
Width per panel [mm] 900
Entrance, above the roadway
Door 2
Number of door panels 1
Width per panel [mm] 896
Entrance, above the roadway

Heating/Air conditioning/Ventilation

Heater blowers for passenger area
Temperature control at window-sill level
EvoCool TopAir
The specifications correspond to standard vehicle configurations. Technical modifications may have occurred after the copy deadline. Therefore, please contact your Setra representative for the latest binding version.
Standard feature
Special feature
Not available

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