MultiClass UL business models.

Efficient over land.

The UL business combines an attractive price-performance ratio and low lifecycle costs with an overall concept specially optimised for overland line transport. It fulfils all the requirements and specifications for tenders in overland line transport.

Convincing overall cost-effectiveness.

Cost-effective cross country: The UL business offers an attractive price/performance ratio and low lifecycle costs, combined with an overall design concept optimised specially for overland services. It fulfils the tender requirements for overland services.

Economical maintenance costs.

The cost-effectiveness of the UL business is something you'll notice from the first moment onwards. Its equipment has been optimised and reduced to the essentials for the tendering business, and its purchase price is pleasingly low. At the same time it is without a doubt a true Setra in all key areas such as comfort, safety and quality.

Favourable maintenance costs.

The maintenance costs of UL business models are extremely favourable. You'll benefit from the exceptionally long service intervals, the easy accessibility of the components during maintenance, as well as a sophisticated switching system for exhaust aftertreatment. The high level of availability also significantly benefits your budget.

Exemplary safety.

The Setra name has always stood for high safety standards in bus and coach construction. The UL business models also fulfil the promise behind this claim - tailored to their specific application. Their integrated safety concept includes several active and passive systems to assist the driver in critical situations and minimise the impact of an accident should one occur.

Safety thanks to ESP®.

The LE business models from the MultiClass are available on request with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®). It significantly reduces the risk of skidding, for instance, by targeted braking of individual wheels to counteract the bus skidding off the road within physical constraints. Two additional active safety systems are included in the ESP®: the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control (ASR).

All the essentials you need.

To make them especially economical, we have focused on equipping the UL business models with the essentials. This ensures that you will benefit from the best conditions in your tendering business. At the same time everything that the UL business has on board is characterised by the high quality that you have come to expect from all Setra vehicles.

Friendly, robust interior equipment.

Ceilings, partitions, fabrics and floor coverings for the UL business are just as durable as the are easy to clean. For the seats, there is a wide range of fabric designs and material qualities to choose from. And thanks to the generous, ergonomic line cockpit, the driver can look forward to safe and relaxed traveling.

An ergonomic cockpit.

The cockpit of the UL business is spacious and ergonomically optimised. For example, the steering column can be adjusted in terms of height and angle, and the modern central display enables all important information to be read at a glance.

An overview of MultiClass UL business models.

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