The MultiClass LE business models.

Reduced costs, increased comfort.

The low-entry buses from Setra deliver persuasive answers when it comes to tenders for barrier-free buses on suburban interurban lines. With their favourable price-performance ratio and economical maintenance costs, they pay off a whole bus life long. And thanks to various lengths - from the S 415 to the S 416 and the S 418 LE business - you'll find just the right solution to meet any low-entry requirement.

Cost-effective with the low-entry concept.

The LE business' low-entry concept makes it not only comfortable for your passengers, but also very economical. The high-floor rear section also ensures that all drive components are easily accessible - which enables cost-effective maintenance. This keeps the cost of ownership of an LE business permanently low.

Favourable maintenance costs.

The maintenance costs of LE business models are extremely favourable. You'll benefit from the exceptionally long service intervals, the easy accessibility of the components during maintenance, as well as a sophisticated switching system for exhaust aftertreatment.

Three different lengths.

Thanks to different vehicle lengths – from the S 415, to the S 416 and the S 418 for an especially high passenger capacity – you will find exactly the right solution for any low-entry requirement with the LE business.

A comprehensive safety concept.

The Setra name has always stood for high safety standards in bus and coach construction. The LE business models also fulfil the promise behind this claim - tailored to their specific application. Their integrated safety concept includes several active and passive systems that assist the driver in critical situations and minimise the impact of an accident should one occur.

Safety thanks to ESP®

The LE business models from the MultiClass are available on request with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®). It significantly reduces the risk of skidding, for instance, by targeted braking of individual wheels to counteract the bus skidding off the road within physical constraints. Two additional active safety systems are included in the ESP®: the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control (ASR).

Barrier-free travel.

The LE business' modern low-entry concept fulfils important requirements for barrier-free buses. The low-floor front section ensures all passengers enhanced entry comfort, while the high-floor rear area enables a high number of seats.

High-level comfort.

The LE business offers a robust, friendly interior with low-maintenance ceiling and side wall covering, as well as the "Setra Transit" standard seat. The seating is designed for the maximum number of seats in overland transport, which significantly contributes to cost optimisation. Minimised vibrations and road noise increase driving comfort.

An ergonomic cockpit.

The cockpit of the LE business is spacious and ergonomically optimised. For example, the steering column can be adjusted in terms of height and angle, and the modern central display enables all important information to be read at a glance.

A driver cab with a door.

An optional driver's cab with door and practical bag storage are available optionally for the MultiClass LE business. Depending on requirements, the driver's workspace can be separated from the passenger compartment.

Configure the seating as you like.

When it comes to seating, the MultiClass is extremely variable. For example, four individual folding seats can be optionally integrated. When folded up, more space is available for strollers or wheelchairs. Also with a cinema/sliding-seat combination, you can create space for a stroller on the platform as needed.

Select exactly the doors you want.

The choice is yours. Depending on your requirements, you can select a door with a high or low panel (each an option) or for a fully glazed door (as standard). As an alternative to a double-width door, a wide door for entry 2 is available as an option. Of course, all door variants are available with 2- and 3-axle models.

Destination displays.

Choose from a range of different destination displays. LED displays are self-luminous systems, offering a highly visible, strong typeface. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) save on space, are durable – and possess an outstanding font contour. Along with the proven Setra destination displays, many other systems can also be integrated.

An overview of MultiClass LE business models.

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