OMNIplus ON.

One portal, many digital services.

All digital services are grouped together under OMNIplus ON and integrated step-by-step in a single customer portal. The OMNIplus ON portal at is the central contact point for workshop employees, fleet managers, drivers and buyers. The aim: to optimise vehicle availability in your fleet and thus the economic performance of your bus business. For this purpose, OMNIplus ON offers an initial range of service areas for various fields of use.

OMNIplus ON networks vehicles, drivers and the company with a range of services. The OMNIplus ON portal provides you with personalised access to a whole host of services. OMNIplus ON advance ensures the greatest possible level of vehicle availability. OMNIplus ON monitor enables efficiency in your operative fleet management. OMNIplus ON drive simplifies many of your drivers' daily tasks. OMNIplus ON commerce makes it possible to purchase replacement parts around the clock in the OMNIplus eShop. Find out more in the OMNIplus ON portal.