Comfort à la Setra:

To guarantee your passengers’ wellbeing.

Each and every Setra stands out with a high level of comfort. Especially in the case of Setra touring coaches, an amazing feeling of spaciousness and high-quality, perfectly crafted amenities and fittings ensure that everyone on board enjoys absolute wellbeing.

Innovative systems for heating and air-conditioning ensure pleasant temperatures all year round. And state-of-the-art design, high-level functionality and relaxing comfort also prevail in the cockpit.

Setra is also at the forefront with regard to the important topic of connectivity. Thanks to a modern Coach MediaRouter*, your passengers can stay online via WiFi, or they can access centrally stored media content for their personal on-board entertainment.

Whether interior or exterior design, our brand’s high standard is also reflected in the coach’s aesthetics. That is why every Setra impresses not only with its equipment, amenities and technology, but also with its fascinating, state-of-the-art design.

*Available as an option

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