Good air-con against corona

14. july 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has unsettled our customers and changed the way we travel. One big topic is air exchange in buses and coaches. Thanks to ultra-modern air conditioning technology, drivers and passengers can breathe easy.

The global coronavirus pandemic has massively changed daily life for coach travel operators and transport companies. In Germany, as in many other European countries, coach travel was temporarily banned at the start of the public health measures and is only slowly restarting. Operators, drivers and passengers remain unsure, however. How safe actually is it to travel by bus today?

Daimler Buses is looking to address this uncertainty and is aware of its great responsibility towards its customers as a market leader Setra coaches from the ComfortClass and TopClass ranges, as well as the intercity buses from the MultiClass, all have highly developed air conditioning and ventilation systems. These ensure plenty of fresh air, counteracting the risk of aerosol transmission of infections. 

Constant air exchange
The climate control technology in Setra TopClass models buses is based on aquasphere air conditioning systems providing a particularly high proportion of fresh air, in conjunction with efficient filter systems. At lower temperatures, the amount of fresh air can even reach 100 percent. Here, the air is completely exchanged every one to five minutes. To draw a comparison: the amount of air moved every hour is equivalent to that in 35 detached homes. Overall, this means the passenger receives a much greater proportion of fresh air than, for example, in an aeroplane.


Graph - Coach with roof-mounted system (PDF)

Highly efficient filter technology
In certain air-conditioning concepts, coaches can be ventilated by a gentle, vertical air stream running via the footwell, effectively counteracting air vortices. The high-performance filters in the G3 category extract potential viral particles and dust with a size of at least 0.5 micrometres from the air, thus creating an atmosphere of health and well-being on board.

Constant development
Daimler Buses is always at work on technological innovations in air conditioning technology. Currently, software updates for coach climate control are available, further increasing the proportion of fresh air. These include the later closure of the fresh air flap at high or low temperatures, manual ventilation of the parked bus or increasing the fan speed. Passenger health thus enjoys top priority, even if certain efficiency advantages are lost.

In addition to these climate control and air conditioning measures, Daimler Buses also offers further corona protection measures for drivers and passengers.

Impressive: this video shows how efficiently constant air exchange via the air conditioning system works.