Keeping corona at a distance

14 july 2020

What is Daimler Buses doing to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers on the road during the pandemic? What measures have already been taken? And what are we currently working on? An overview.

Fewer passengers, drivers distanced, masks required on board... bus travel in corona times has changed massively. Daimler Buses has taken numerous measures for its Setra brand to increase the safety of all on board. This starts, for example, with detailed cleaning and hygiene instructions, or updated servicing methods for the high-performance air filters. In parallel to this, a practical corona retrofit package will soon be offered – currently, for example, tests on disinfectant dispensers are being carried out.

Retrofitting in focus

Daimler Buses engineers are placing particular emphasis on air conditioning and ventilation. The goal: as much fresh air as possible to prevent the concentration of aerosol droplets. Buses and coaches from Setra are equipped with a powerful air conditioning system and effective ventilation. In certain intercity buses, constant air exchange can also be supported via hinged windows. Daimler Buses is constantly working to improve its systems, further increasing the proportion of fresh air.

To prevent aerosol transmission, driver partitions have already been offered for years in various heights and made of single-pane toughened glass or polycarbonate with all the legally required approvals. Recently, these have also been made available for the LE business intercity models of the Setra MultiClass for retrofitting by the OMNIplus Service Network. So that the first row of seats can once again be fully used, further driver partitions made of high-pressure treated polycarbonate are being prepared – for example, for the Setra ComfortClass and TopClass models.

Research is running at full blast

A further key focus of the anti-corona measures is the reduction or destruction of viruses and germs within the bus. In future, handrails and poles with antibacterial and antiviral coatings will be installed in city buses. Similar germ-resistant coatings for air filters, seat covers and other areas are currently in the testing phase.

Impressive: this video shows how effectively the constant air exchange via the air conditioning system works.