Brussels Busworld

The highlights of the show.

22. October 2019

A magnificent display.

Four very different models on show at the Busworld exhibition demonstrate the great breadth of the Setra brand.

Setra MultiClass S 415 LE business
The name says it all: The Setra MultiClass covers the wide span from cost-optimised inter-city bus to refined excursion coach.

Setra TopClass S 516 HDH
The breath-taking super high-decker Setra TopClass appeals to passengers and drivers as well as to companies keen to offer their guests an outstanding travel experience.

Setra TopClass S 531 DT
Outstanding in every respect – apart from its sheer size, the Setra double-decker grabs the attention with its elegance, technical features and comfort. Depending on the specifications it can be a touring coach, public service bus or a customised bistro bus.

Setra ComfortClass S 515 HD
Comfort, safety, economy, great versatility laced with a shot of extravagance: that sums up the Setra ComfortClass 500.