Economy & the environment.

A step ahead - from ecological and business perspectives.

Building environmentally friendly coaches is a decision for the future and for the world we live in. It also leads to sustainable business success. Lower fuel consumption, savings through longer service intervals and shorter downtimes, as well as reduced repairs ensure a more attractive bottom line for you.

This is also reflected in the extremely high resale value Setra operators capitalise on.

Automatically more cost-effective: Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC).

Low Total Costs of Ownership.

State-of-the-art technology implies reduced fuel consumption. With increasing energy prices, environmentally friendly coaches from Setra are an investment in the future with guaranteed returns. Independent tests confirm that Setra coaches rank among the most cost-efficient on the market. Furthermore, our high standards minimise maintenance and repair costs. Over the short and long terms, a decision in favour of Setra is always a profitable one.

Clean BlueTec® technology.

BlueTec® is a modular concept combining a variety of technological processes which minimise raw emissions in the engine, while effectively dealing with post-treatment of emissions. BlueTec® makes the diesel engine the cleanest worldwide, while reducing fuel consumption at the same level of performance. Environmental friendliness meets cost-effectiveness!

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