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Setra at the 2016 IAA for commercial vehicles: Visit us in Hanover


  • Stylish travelling with 1+1 seating in the Setra TopClass 500
  • LED headlamps: greater safety and lesser costs
  • Coach MediaRouter: for connected, entertaining journeys
  • Composition seat cover: luxury leather
  • Luxury head restraints: bespoke touring coach seats
  • Setra S 418 LE business: the giant for rural-service lines
  • Service: 24h Service with optimised telediagnosis, Bus Depot Management, long-distance bus service

Stylish travelling with 1+1 seating in the Setra TopClass 500

TopClass 500 – this designation stands for the top-of-the-range model series from Setra. Setra's Voyage Ambassador 1+1 seating configuration can be personalised by the customer and demonstrates stylish travelling at its best. Swivelling seats with generously-proportioned folding leather armrests as well as stowage compartments and a folding drinks holder are all par for the course. Adjustable luxury head restraints, clip-on tables in the side wall, sockets at each seat, stowage pockets left and right, illuminated stowage compartments under each seat as well as footwell illumination allow the seats to meet the highest of expectations.

Setra will be presenting the seating arrangement in a 13.3 m super high-deck TopClass S 516 HDH. Among other things, the vehicle is equipped with ambient lighting as well as the TopSky Panorama glass roof.

LED headlamps: greater safety and lesser costs

A world first for Mercedes-Benz and Setra sees the IAA premiere of the first integrated LED headlamps in a bus. Drivers benefit from light which is less tiring on the eyes: the colour temperature of the light from LED headlamps is very close to that of daylight. A further safety feature: the light flow from an LED lamp remains almost exactly as high across its entire service life. And this service life is many times longer than that of halogen or xenon lamps. Several bulb changes are thus no longer required, and thus their associated costs and downtimes can also be dispensed with. Businesses benefit from LED headlamps thanks to noticeably lower maintenance costs.

The new lamps from Mercedes-Benz and Setra are bi-LED units which handle the dipped-beam and main-beam headlamps in one single housing. In each lamp, five LEDs generate the dipped beam, while three additional lamps produce the high beam. They are available for Setra TopClass 500 and ComfortClass 500 vehicles, as well as for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro. The LEDs have been integrated into the available headlamps of the respective model series. This means that the individual brand and model faces are retained in full, with form and function combined to perfection.

LED main headlamps will be demonstrated by Daimler Buses at the IAA using the Setra ComfortClass S 516 HD high-deck model, the Setra TopClass S 516 HDH super high-decker and the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT by way of example.

Coach MediaRouter: for connected, entertaining journeys

In long-distance line buses, it's a must; in tour buses or touring coaches, it raises the game: high-speed internet for passengers is a competitive advantage in the bus travel market. All versions of the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo as well as the Setra ComfortClass 500, TopClass 500 and the double-decker S 431 DT can now be optionally equipped ex factory with a router and antenna.

The Coach MediaRouter incorporates two slots for LTE-capable SIM cards and two USB ports. In addition to simply providing an internet connection, this ensures that users can also use their end devices to access media stored locally in the bus while on-the-road. Accordingly, this reduces the level of internet use.

For a monthly fee per vehicle, a professional Wi-Fi provider provides access to a legally-compliant Wi-Fi hotspot and entertainment package. The user interface of the passenger end devices is optically attractive and user-friendly. What's more, bus companies can have a personalised landing page which opens after logging in. An optional internet filter for the protection of minors is also available. Bus companies receive a stick which is updated every quarter of the year. It contains an entertainment package with several dozen films and five episodes each from two current television series. Besides this, it also opens up ten music channels with various programmes.

Around 40 to 50 passengers per bus can log in at any one time. An automatic allocation of the available data transfer rate between users is defined in advance.

The entertainment offering via the stick from the internet provider is only the first stage in the future of infotainment on-board buses. Holidaymakers or tour guides can also use the Coach MediaRouter to present their photos and videos from the holiday. They are saved on a USB stick, which then transfers the photos, videos and music to the router. This in turn shares the content with the passengers via a stream. The feature doesn't only apply to entertainment and holiday memories, rather it can also be used for presentations and videos or other company information in the event of business-related journeys in the rental-bus market.

Bus companies can also use it to advertise their special offers or their complete catalogue, and even display their on-board food and beverages range. A further information and entertainment possibility is to provide passengers with tips on the destination of the journey or the country in which they are currently travelling.
Mercedes-Benz and Setra will be presenting the new Coach MediaRouter at the IAA in all of the touring coaches exhibited.

Composition seat cover: luxury leather

Equally a first at the IAA: Composition leather material is used on the headrests and seats instead of the classic leather covering. Composition consists of leather fibres, is grained, breathable and has all the positive properties of leather. Composition is much easer to clean and maintain, however, making it ideal for use on buses and coaches.

Composition is used by Mercedes-Benz and Setra to cover the headrest, backrest, seat cushion and the side elements of the seats. The material has, just like all other materials and leather, been subject to and has passed our own lab testing. The colours available are matched to the current material collection.

At the IAA, Mercedes-Benz and Setra will both be presenting the Composition leather material in a variety of variants. This ranges from the covering of headrests to leather/fabric combinations for touring coach seats, right up to the unique covering of the luxury Voyage Ambassador seating which feature multi-part leather/fabric combinations for seat surfaces and backrests, black backrests and seat pockets as well as design elements in "Mystic White"; these will be shown in a super high-deck Setra S 516 HDH.

Luxury head restraints: bespoke touring coach seats

Mercedes-Benz and Setra seats are tailored to the passengers: the touring coaches are optionally available with adjustable luxury head restraints for passengers. These increase the backrest height by 40 mm and are steplessly extendible by up to 85 mm and can thus be perfectly adapted to the individual passenger's height. As the side bolsters of the head restraints are also adjustable, the head is optimally supported like in a comfortable wing chair during a nap. The new luxury head restraints have a maximum width of 260 mm and therefore only minimally restrict the field of vision of passengers at the rear.

Mercedes-Benz and Setra will be presenting the new luxury head restraints at the IAA in the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo M, Setra ComfortClass S 515 HD and Setra TopClass S 516 HDH touring coaches.

Setra S 418 LE business: the giant for rural-service lines

Depending on the equipment, it has space for up to 100 passengers, with full seating it offers a maximum of 63 seats. It also offers barrier-free access thanks to the broad, low-floor area in front of both rear axles – if rural-service lines have great capacity requirements, the Setra S 418 LE business is truly in its element. The highly economical three-axle bus will be celebrating its premiere at the IAA.

It is predestined for public tenders. Flexibility is its thing: various door versions, single or double special use areas with a wheelchair or pushchair place opposite the second door, additional special use area in front of the second door, different types of seating and tyres, two power stages, four transmission variants – the 14.64 m long rural-service bus is a real all-rounder. At the IAA it will be shown with 57 seats as well as a special use area opposite the second door and additional folding seats.

Telediagnosis: 24h Service optimised, downtime minimised

The OMNIplus service brand for buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra will be presenting a bundle of new services at this year's IAA. The new telediagnosis service will be in central focus. It optimises the 24h Service and can drastically reduce downtimes caused by breakdowns. The only prerequisite is that the bus is equipped with the FleetBoard telematics service.

If a Mercedes-Benz or Setra bus breaks down, the driver can transfer a whole host of data to 24h Service simply by pressing a button. Accordingly, the bus identifies itself, provides its precise location using geo-coordinates and not only transfers the current error code, but also any other saved codes.

The data is sent to the nearest OMNIplus service centre where it is interpreted. This service offers a number of advantages: the driver doesn't have to explain as much information over the phone, the exact location is known and misunderstandings can be avoided. Already before the service technician sets out to the scene, the error codes allow him/her to prepare appropriately for the breakdown case in question and, where possible, to take along any special tools and parts required.

If the data allows a serious downtime to be identified, OMNIplus can, in discussion with the driver and the company, already arrange for a replacement vehicle to be made available. This prevents passengers from having to wait around unnecessarily for their journey to continue.

Bus Depot Management: tip-top fleet thanks to service direct from the manufacturer

Nobody is in a better position to maintain and repair buses than the manufacturer itself. This is the reason behind OMNIplus developing Bus Depot Management. Authorised OMNIplus service centres perform services at the customer's own workshop. The offer is aimed at fleet operators. Its basis is formed by a long-term maintenance and repairs contract, for example as part of an invitation to tender.

Depending on the details of the contract, OMNIplus covers the costs of the regular maintenance and repair work, including paint and body repairs on-site at the depot. OMNIplus provides qualified members of staff for the workshop, precisely organises the spare parts store to suit requirements and looks after the procurement of spare parts.

Fleets experience a significant increase in vehicle availability as a result of Bus Depot Management, whilst also saving on unnecessary journeys, downtimes and administrative work. Buses are always looked after to the full and maintain a higher value.

Long-distance bus service: a tailored service for long-distance vehicles

Long-distance line buses are the bus world's equivalent of long-distance runners. Per year, they cover an impressive six-figure number of kilometres. Thus, it's all the more important that they are subject to a highly specialised service. OMNIplus has therefore come up with the long-distance bus service which will initially only be offered for the German market. Around 90 service centres along the most important routes and at major hubs or significant terminals have since joined the initiative.

They offer specific services for long-distance buses. Included as standard are the regular long-distance bus check, checks of all important technical and safety functions on the bus, as well as washing the exterior, emptying the waste water tank, refilling the fresh water and stocking a greater number of parts and accessories for all common Mercedes-Benz and Setra long-distance buses. Depending on the service centre, additional services may also be on offer: interior cleaning, OMNIplus GlassService and TireService, mobility concepts featuring collection and delivery service, parking spaces for long-distance buses as well as a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown.