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Poster calendar: “Bedtime stories” from Setra


  • Setra gives a series of beautiful peeks into the production process
  • Photos shot at the plants in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm
  • Setra poster calendar available for ordering online at

Stuttgart. With its new 2017 poster calendar, Setra presents twelve impressive snapshots from the production process and the Setra Customer Centre. The shots for the various months, which were taken by night at the plants in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm, arouse dreamy emotions.

"Stand by" is the title of this year's theme, which takes the viewer, month by month, on a journey by calendar to the heart of bus manufacturing at Setra. The stopping-off points include the foundry and the engine production test shop in Mannheim, the delivery of bodies-in-white in Neu-Ulm, the assembly line and the lounge at the Setra Customer Centre.

When it came to realisation, the team of photographers and the employees demonstrated lots of imagination and flexibility. For example, large areas were covered with water in which to catch attractive reflections of the buses. Apart from that, the seat production section was shrouded in futuristic-looking mist, while, for another sequence, the team waited for the precise moment when the bodies of the vehicles could gleam in the radiance of the rising sun.

In addition to the photos, which are bathed in atmospheric light, the dynamically arranged date calendars, each adapted to the particular photo, are genuine eye-catchers in their own right.

The 67.5 x 48 cm Setra poster calendar for 2017 can be ordered at a price of 18.50 euros (plus VAT and shipping) at