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The new TopClass 500 highlights

With the new TopClass 500, a touring coach was created that transforms the journey itself into an unforgettable travel experience. One that combines forward-looking design, maximum comfort, a high degree of innovation, exemplary safety and high-level efficiency. Read on and acquaint yourself with the most impressive highlights of the new TopClass.


Dynamics and elegance

The shaping of the new TopClass is unmistakably dynamic: from its front trim with its defining brand logo, through to the newly designed La Linea lateral design element, to its innovative aero rear.

Unmatched travel comfort

Extremely comfortable seats, a pleasantly low noise level and an innovative heating and cooling concept: the TopClass 500 gives your passengers an exclusive travel experience. You simply feel good from the first moment onwards.

The best view. Intimate lighting.

The optional, significantly enlarged panoramic TopSky Panorama glass roof opens up an impressive view to all passengers – for instance, in city or overland trips. During the day, the interior of the TopClass 500 is flooded with light, and at night, thanks to a refined lighting concept, the atmosphere is warm and intimate.

Maximum driver comfort and convenience

This superbly designed cockpit is a model of ergonomics and comfort in every respect. The innovative Multi Function Key enables the driver to conveniently control functions from outside the bus: a unique and distinctive badge for every TopClass 500 driver.

Reassuringly safe travel

When it comes to protecting its occupants, the TopClass a unmatched in its class. Nearly all relevant safety systems are already on board as standard equipment today. This is a safety concept that is unique in its combination of active and passive systems.

A perfect driving experience

The TopClass 500’s ultra-comfortable cockpit

Exclusive design, comfort you can feel and outstanding ergonomics: with its high-quality appearance and perfectly matched components, the cockpit achieves an all-new level of distinction.


New Multi Function Key

A digital assistant beyond compare: a variety of vehicle data can be easily called up on the Multi Function Key’s display, and the most diverse functions can be controlled “off-board”. This all supports the driver in preparing for each trip – efficiently and conveniently.

Retrievable information from the key:
• Fuel supply
• AdBlue supply
• Compressed air supply
• Mileage
• Tire pressure (comb. with the optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
• Outdoor temperature
• Interior temperature
• On-board network voltage

Controllable functions:
• Exterior lighting check
• Heating unit activation/pre-heating
• Interior lighting passenger space
• Luggage compartment release
• Ventilation function (opening roof hatches, not with optional glass roof)

Exemplary ergonomic design

The cockpit of the new TopClass 500 is ideally adapted to the needs and well-being of the driver. It is conceived to enable the driver to have every function perfectly under control. Elegance, clarity of design and harmony prevail throughout. This is a cockpit where the driver feels good immediately and one that fully lives up to its name.

A perfect overview

Ergonomic design at its best: in the cockpit of the new TopClass 500, a uniform, intuitive operating and display concept combines all the instruments in a single display – including the new Multi Function Key. Heating and air conditioning feature a completely new user interface and a brilliant colour display.

Save on consumption and wear – easily and conveniently

Two new assistance systems help reduce wear, while further optimising TopClass 500 maintenance costs and consumption. The Eco Driver Feedback (EDF) feature gives the driver individual feedback on his personal driving style to exploit every potential in terms of fuel savings. Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), in combination with the PowerShift transmission, ensures an efficient speed curve and an optimal gearshift sequence. Because the system knows the topography ahead thanks to GPS maps, it can proactively optimise switching times
and cruise speed – especially in ascents and descents – and therefore act more fuel-efficiently.*

* On highways and major routes covered by the PPC feature

For the best possible travel experience

Comfort and design from their most beautiful sides

The TopClass has always stood for unique and very special coach travel experiences. The new generation boasts several features and amenities to further enhance the experience. See for yourself!


Comfort redefined

From its high-quality materials, sophisticated lighting concept, exceptional thermal comfort to its fantastic panoramic view: the TopClass 500’s interior with its impressive details – such as the leather-clad air duct covers and refined service sets – appeals to all the senses and redefines the whole notion of comfort.

A spacious entrance

Your passengers access the interior of the TopClass 500 through the elegantly designed entrance area with its winding steps and curved handrail. A high, dome-like roof arches above the spacious entrance area. Welcome on board!

Exclusivity abounds

The low-reaching windows, the upwards drawn ceiling on the sides, as well as the optional, significantly enlarged glass roof TopSky Panorama – all this opens up a unique panoramic view. A special experience for your passengers – ideal for both city and overland routes. Even the TopClass 500’s outstanding interior standing height contributes to a generous feeling of spaciousness.

A feeling of silent gliding

Thanks to a series of technical measures, our engineers were able to reduce the engine noise in the interior of the new TopClass down to an absolute minimum. This is also what we mean by comfort for all the senses.

First-class heating and air-conditioning comfort

The innovative heating and air-conditioning concept ensures that all passengers enjoy an equally high level of air comfort. This is enabled by the two separate control zones in the front and rear areas of the coach. And, thanks to the optionally available and all-new under-seat fan heating, cold feet are a thing of the past.

A feel-good lighting concept

Thanks to a new, refined lighting concept, the new TopClass features a comfortable, intimate atmosphere when travelling at night. The indirect ceiling light, the ambient lighting and the illuminated luggage racks all make for a pleasing ambiance. The refined service are equipped with a LED head light.

Uncompromisingly cost-effective

First-class cost-effectiveness

The completely new TopClass 500 vehicle concept pampers your travel guests with superior comfort – and you the operator with significantly higher cost-effectiveness. Also because it can be individually tailored to your business model and specific areas of application. For the new TopClass, premium is the entry card – just how much luxury you want is up to you.


Significantly reduced consumption

Our engineers succeeded in reducing the TopClass’ fuel consumption versus Euro V by six to eight percent, thanks to a number of vehicle-specific measures. The new generation of our BlueEfficiency Power engines, which more than fulfil Euro VI norms, are only part of it. Reduced vehicle weight – in spite of Euro VI technology – plays a key role as well.

Sensational reach

On request, we can also equip your new TopClass with a 230-liter auxiliary tank right in front of the front axle. This increases your maximum fuel level to 750 litres at 30 l/100 km – increasing your reach by up to 2,700 kilometres. So that you could, for instance, drive from Kiel to Lisbon without refuelling.

Exceptionally cost-effective

With the new TopClass, you benefit from remarkably economical lifecycle costs. Just as an example, your maintenance costs will be lower than ever. You will also capitalise on extended service intervals, good component accessibility and an advanced exchange system for exhaust gas treatment.

BlueEfficiency Power engines

Our new generation of BlueEfficiency Power engines, with BlueTec ® 6-exhaust aftertreatment, stands for high environmental friendliness – as per Euro VI norms. And, in spite of these higher demands, they achieve especially low fuel consumption – partly as a result of advanced common-rail technology.

More power, more torque

The new BlueEfficiency Power engine not only combines low fuel consumption with low emissions. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology throughout, the modern units deliver more power and torque at a considerably increased level of acceleration – throughout the entire operating range.

The aero contour

The aero contour

The unmistakable aero contour at the rear of the new TopClass is not only a distinctive design element. It also clearly reflects the excellent aerodynamics and optimised fuel consumption of the TopClass 500 coaches.

To far-away dream destinations and back

The ideal long-distance touring coach

Superior comfort, state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning technology, low noise and a huge luggage compartment make the TopClass 500 an excellent coach for long-distance tours. Your passengers will enjoy a relaxing experience en route to their destination.


Superb travel comfort

The TopClass 500 offers your passengers unmatched travel comfort. Its well conceived air conditioning, extremely low running noise, coupled with its excellent suspension, quiet-running BlueEfficiency Power engine and standard-series PowerShift transmission – all raise the perception of comfort to an exceptionally high level.

A quiet drive thanks to the best aerodynamics

The excellent aerodynamics of the TopClass 500 not only reduce consumption. They also significantly reduce noise in the interior of the bus. A key comfort feature which greatly benefits your passengers – especially on long-distance routes.

The perfect air comfort for long tours

When it was launched, cross-flow ventilation with fully thermostatic temperature control was considered revolutionary. For the new TopClass, our engineers have developed the technology even further. In conjunction with the new dual-zone climate control for the passenger compartment, it significantly contributes to the exceptionally high thermal comfort throughout the interior.

Reassuringly safe

Way head of its time in terms of safety

The safety concept of the new TopClass is unique in its combination of active and passive systems. Today, it already features many relevant safety systems on board as standard equipment. And this makes the TopClass 500 a segment leader in the protection of passengers and drivers.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ART)

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature (ART) relieves the driver by automatically maintaining a constant distance – defined by the driver – from the vehicle ahead, based on continuous measurements. This not only increases safety on country roads and highways, but also convenience.

[Read more about ABA 3 functionality in the Glossary.]

Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA 3)*

In cases where the distance from the front vehicle falls below that determined by the Adaptive Cruise Control (ART ) feature, the emergency assistant Active Brake Assist (ABA) kicks in. The radar-controlled system continuously scans the road at a distance of between 0.25 and 200 meters. If the distance lowers dangerously and if an accident at this speed is deemed unavoidable, the system warns the driver. If he doesn’t react, the ABA feature mechanically prepares the braking system for an immediate braking. If the driver still doesn’t react, the ABA independently initiates full braking.

Recognising fatigue

Attention Assist (AtAs) can detect typical driver fatigue indicators through, for instance, steering movements and steering speed, and encourage him to take a break using acoustic and visual cues.

Since it already meets future legal safety standards, the AtAs feature increases both safety and the resale value of the coach.

Seeing and being seen – a lot better

The new TopClass’ advanced lighting concept completes the coach’s high standard of safety. Bi-xenon headlights, for low and high beams, light up the road ahead as standard equipment, while the front indicators, side marking lights and rear lights include maintenance-friendly LEDs. Two additional reversing lights in the area of the drive axle brighten the surroundings of the coach when manoeuvring.

Increased rollover strength: protection whenever needed

Our engineers gave the new TopClass a highly rigid yet lighter-weight support structure. At the same time, its vehicle body delivers a significantly higher rollover strength - which ideally prepares it for compliance with future regulations (ECE-R 66/01). Thanks to the ruggedness of the body, the consequences of an accident can be considerably reduced: a major factor concerning the passive safety of a bus.

Increased protection in the case of a frontal collision

The Front Collision Guard (FCG) offers increased safety in the front part of the vehicle, in the case of a frontal collision. Its absorber structure transforms impact energy into distortion energy – considerably reducing the outcome of the impact for all occupants. At the same time, the driver’s work space is pushed backwards to maintain a protective space for the driver.

The FCG fulfils the requirements of the underride guard, according to ECE-R 93, as well as legal norms for pendulum impact in coaches.

The range of safety features may vary from model to model.

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